We utilize seaweed for food applications

Seaweed Power

This gem of the ocean is packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

It boasts a complete protein profile and a true flavour of the sea.

By growing more seaweed, we can sequester more CO₂ and help the planet and people be healthy

Algenius Foods

The goal of Algenius Foods is to create delicious, nutritious and good for the planet products.

By using food science technologies and developing with input from expert chefs and scientists, we want to create great taste and quality.

Our Partners

Investors and networks

AlgaeFood Network

Future Ocean Foods Network

Symbion Community

Technical University of Denmark Knowledge Partnership

Food and Bio Cluster Grant and Partnership

Miljo-og Energifonden Grant

Bioinnovation Institute Skylab Grant

Innofounder Program Grant

Nordic Bioventures Investment

The Team

Aleksandra Marczak

Co-Founder & CEO

Emilija Radlinskaitė

Co-Founder & COO

Advisory Board

Ana Carina Loureiro Mendes

Biopolymers, Alternative Plant-Based Ingredients and Technologies

Egon Bech Hansen

Starter Cultures, Food Product Development

Susan Løvstad Holdt

Seaweed innovation, science and processing

Sakhi Ghelichi

Functional Food Science and Processing

Will Wright

Venture creation

Josephine Schrøder Warming

Business Development

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